Structure of Class

Course Description and Prerequisites:


The emphasis of this class is on understanding the importance of developing financial goals and how financial decisions affect those goals throughout your lifetime. In addition, you will develop your own financial goals along with a financial plan that will be able you to meet those goals.This course is open to all admitted students to the university.

Course and Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the importance of developing personal financial goals.

  • To understand the basic concepts of the time value of money and how it relates to one’s personal financial goals.

  • To understand the implications of taxes on one’s personal financial goals.

  • To understand the various financial services available to support one’s financial goals.

  • To understand the costs, benefits, and risks of consumer credit alternatives. To describe various types of insurance that can be used to reduce the risk of financial loss.

  • To develop risk management strategies to protect oneself against possible adverse events.

  • To understand the costs and benefits of home ownership.

  • To develop a personal financial plan.

  • To understand basic investment principles of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

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